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  • Focus Group have teamed up with and Be the Change!

    Focus Group have teamed up with and Be the Change!


    As a Partner of the ‘Be the Change’ programme, were keen to understand what this means to Focus Group and took the opportunity to speak with Ralph Gilbert to find out more.

    Focus Group, formed as a Telecoms Reseller in 2004 with just two members of staff, Chris Goodman and Ralph Gilbert, running the business from a shoebox home office. Their journey since has been fast and exciting with rapid growth and over 300 staff in place have now extended its commitment to employing locally by becoming a partner of

    "Focus Group is delighted to be a part of this programme.” Ralph Gilbert, Joint MD said “Making a difference to people’s lives and presenting them with opportunities they might not have had is an area that I find inspiring and I’m committed to help those on the programme. I strongly believe I would have benefited from such guidance in my school years, but unfortunately it wasn’t available. Today, we are in a position to offer mentoring and life skills, helping to tackle challenges and difficult situations occurring now and in the future. I also feel It will help parents and role models to understand the issues that children are facing today, that weren’t necessarily there when we were younger and together we can find solutions to these."

    To read the full article click here.

  • Focus Group are proud to be a partner of ‘Be the Change’.

    'Be the Change': Our First Event


    As a Partner of the 'Be the Change' programme, staff from Focus Group attended an inspiring all day conference. 'Be the Change' is a ground breaking programme aimed to help school children, who may face challenges and difficulties in school or with school life. The event was held for Year 13 students and took place in Hastings, attracting an audience of 70. Attendees included students from the Hastings area and Partners of the programme to support the students in a mentoring capacity. Richard Scott and Martin Gebbett, who attended from Focus Group, found the day inspirational and left with a feeling of making a real difference to some of the students.

    We look forward to many more events, to provide help and support to the students.

    ​To find out more about this programme click here.

  • WannaCry Ransomware Virus

    Important Announcement From Focus IT
    WannaCry Ransomware Virus


    In light of the well-publicised ransomware attack on the NHS, Focus Group are providing specific advice to minimise the risk of this affecting your business.

    Focus have put policies in place for our managed IT customers to reduce the risk of Ransomware, and also ensuring that anyone infected can be restored as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or queries or would like to find out more on how Focus can help protect you from Ransomware, please email or call 0330 024 2004.

    Click here for more information.

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