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We actively demonstrate our commitment through taking part and hosting fundraising events and activities, and with gifts in kind.

We believe this is an integral aspect of running a business and advocate the importance of these activities through social media and within the press to: increase their profiles, maximise awareness of the issues and make a positive commercial contribution.

As a long term supporter, Focus are pleased to provide ongoing local support to The Chestnut Tree House Hospice as its sponsored charity. We have supported the Chestnut Tree House over the last six years hosting numerous activities which has developed a strong relationship between the two organisations.

Staff regularly get involved in the activities and here are just some of the events we’ve been involved with.

  • Andy Parker and Dean Price celebrate 6 years of service at Focus Group

    Andy Parker and Dean Price celebrate 6 years of service at Focus Group


    Great achievements from Andy Parker - Head of Customer Experience, and Dean Price - Management Accountant, who both accomplished 6 years at Focus Group this July. What did they have to say about their time here? Read on to find out more……

    Tell me more

    What attracted you to join Focus Group?

    Andy Parker: I looked at their website and saw there was a recruitment drive due to expansion of the business. From what I read it seemed like a very exciting company to work for and a great opportunity. I spoke to Chris Goodman directly on the phone and was interviewed the following day and offered the job.

    Dean Price: It was the opportunity. When I joined it was a young company growing quite rapidly and I was going to take over the Finance Function. It was the right job at the right time. For my career aspirations and the company’s requirements, it was the perfect match.

    How has your job changed since you joined Focus all those years ago?

    Andy Parker: I started cold calling for a couple of days and after threatening to jump out of the window, I discussed a more customer focussed role.

    I moved into an Internal Account Manager role and did this by myself. This developed into an Internal Account Management (IAM) Team which I headed up. From there, I was asked to take on the ISO 9001 Quality Management Accreditation and became well positioned for receiving and taking care of high level customer issues. I have now moved away from the IAM Team and head up all things to do with delivering an exceptional customer experience.

    Dean Price: The main thing is the size of the company. There has been an enormous change is staff levels and is now 5 times larger than when I first started. There were less divisions back then, today Focus’ portfolio has gained a lot of momentum.

    What do you love about your current role and/or Focus Group?

    Andy Parker: I love the fact that when I started there was 40 employees and it has grown to around 300 through everyone’s hard work and commitment. I am now in a position where I can instigate real change by being involved in decisions and new projects to deliver the best customer experience.

    Dean Price: I love a challenge and there’s always one here. There’s new challenges, new companies, new divisions. It’s never quiet and you never get a moments peace! Which is great.

    If someone you know was thinking of applying here, what would you say to them?

    Andy Parker: Climb aboard and enjoy the ride!

    Dean Price: Definitely consider Focus. If you have the right work mentality and attitude you will do well and the company will reward you as such.

    What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen at Focus?

    Andy Parker: My colleague Wes trying and failing miserably to put his shoe on whilst having over indulged at one of our fantastic summer parties.

    Dean Price: My funniest thing was the summer Olympics with the Sumo competition. There was a game with James Bamber v Sam Conway – I was crying. It was the funniest ever!

    What is the worst thing you’ve seen at Focus Group?

    Andy Parker: Ben Godwin dancing at the Christmas party.

    Dean Price: Andy Parker dressed in drag to raise money for charity, it haunts me to this day. Very convincing…too convincing!

    What is your highlight at Focus?

    Andy Parker: My highlight was achieving the Accreditation for the ISO Quality Management Standard.

    Dean Price: There’s not one highlight. For me, it’s a collection of successes and achievements. I’ve seen this with my team and personally too. The Accounts team has easily tripled in size and I feel proud. Seeing development and the team doing so well is a big thing for me.

    Describe Focus Group in one word

    Andy Parker: Focussed!

    Dean Price: Dynamic!

  • Focus Group FC

    In an exciting match with Focus FC against Friday Ad, Focus fought hard to remain undefeated this year!


    It was a tough game from start to finish and with a score of 4-4 at half time, no one could predict which way it would go!

    Just 10 minutes before full time, both teams scored another goal, moving the score to 5-5!

    Perseverance led to Focus scoring a further two goals in the last ten minutes resulting in a 7-5 win.

    Well done team and a special mention to Curtis Gilburt, in IT, who was Man of the Match!

  • Focus Group Sussex Bath Race

    The Great Sussex Bath Race 2017


    On one of the hottest days of the year, it was a perfect day for The Great Sussex Bath Race. Team Focus and others teams in the community, showed courage and determination as the race took place on Sunday 18 June. The annual event, held in Chichester, raised over £10,000 for the Chestnut Tree House and Lifecentre, to support the outstanding work they do for children and adults in Sussex.

    Team Focus battled their way to the Grand Final, but came short of winning the title on the day. Looking forward to next year’s race…! Well done to all involved, a great day for great causes.

Other charitable activities we’ve supported

  • Brighton Marathon – raising money for the Chestnut Challenge
  • The Big Wax – raising money for the Chestnut Tree Hospice
  • Santa Dash – raising money for ‘Crisis’, re-housing the homeless
  • Goals for Gambia - Rebuilding a Gambian village
  • 3 Peaks Challenge - various charities
  • Great Sussex Bath Race - Chestnut Tree House & LifeCentre
  • Sky Dive - Virgin Unite

Gamma Ball Rally!

For the 4th year in a row Focus Group took part in the Gamma Ball Rally.

This year the teams were tasked with driving from Newbury, making their way over the English Channel into France, then driving into Bruges where they stopped off for their first night. This was followed by two nights in the iconic city of Amsterdam.… and with a few fun challenges thrown in on the way.

For the 4th year in a row Focus Group took part in the Gamma Ball Rally.