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    Focus FC do it again! Gamma Football Tournament


    Undefeated Focus FC remain at the top, as they win the Gamma Football Tournament. The charity tournament, which took place yesterday, had 22 teams fighting it out for the winning place. It was clear from early on that Focus FC were the main contenders as they triumphantly won all their matches, finishing the day with a plus 31 goal difference. The team made it to the final against Arrow Business Comms where they finished the job with a 3-0 victory.

    Wesley McGovern commented “It was a quality day out with the Focus family teaching other telco providers how to play football”.

    It wasn't the only win of the night, Jamie Connolly was 'Player of the Tournament' and Luke Hunt won the raffle of 4 x England tickets at Wembley, in the VIP area.

  • Keane Beaken celebrates 10 years of service at Focus Group

    Keane Beaken celebrates 10 years of service at Focus Group


    Great achievement from Keane Beaken - Head of Mobile, who has accomplished 10 years at Focus Group this September. What did Keane have to say about his time here? Read on to find out more……

    Tell me more

    What attracted you to join Focus Group?

    Having known Chris and Ralph through mutual work connections during my time at Autocall, I joined Focus in 2007 when Ralph asked me to start the Mobile team. Starting up a new arm of the business appealed to me but I also liked the way Chris and Ralph worked and wanted to be a part of that.

    Focus Mobiles was launched by myself, Darren Gander and Dan Taylor. The business ran autonomously and we fell into our various roles, building it up as we went along. Initially, we sold to existing Focus customers and then moved on to new business.

    How has your job changed since you joined Focus all those years ago?

    When I joined, the role was more tactical. Now it’s much more strategically focused. 18 months after joining Focus I was given the opportunity to take ownership of the Mobile division and lead the team going forward. I was fortunate enough to have spent time doing that job first and showing what I could do before formally taking up that role – I’ve learnt a lot.

    What do you love about your current role and/or Focus Group?

    I really love the fact that we’ve become as successful as we have. The team started with a few of us and has grown considerably. It’s rewarding to see what the business, and the people who are part of that, have achieved. We currently employ 16 staff in the Mobile office and have evolved by working with new businesses and partnerships. We also have 3 colleagues working at our Kent office who are very much part of the Mobile team too.

    If someone you know was thinking of applying here, what would you say to them?

    If you have the willingness to do well, to sell, be part of a good company and make good progress I can’t imagine a more nurturing environment to do this in. We’re welcoming of all levels and background experience.

    What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen at Focus?

    Pete from Big Brother. I wanted to put together a Christmas surprise for the Mobile office. It was kept a secret so I was the only one who knew about it - everyone thought we were having an office meeting. After some secret arrangements, we all sat down and in flies Pete! It was hilarious. I've never met anyone like him! Seeing him tidy their desks and polish their heads was very entertaining!

    The surprise and shock was worth every moment and it was the best £50 I’ve ever spent.

    What is the worst thing you’ve seen at Focus Group?

    I couldn’t say even if I wanted to.

    What is your highlight at Focus?

    There are many. Attending Industry events and seeing how far the business has come is always a highlight. We're well established now and considered a leading company within the industry, which is more apparent every year at these events. That gives you a huge sense of accomplishment. Feeling proud that we won Unite the Union Mobile Deal and that we continue to service this client in a way that they re-sign with us year on year - we've worked really hard to retain this client.

    Describe Focus Group in one word


  • Andy Parker and Dean Price celebrate 6 years of service at Focus Group

    Andy Parker and Dean Price celebrate 6 years of service at Focus Group


    Great achievements from Andy Parker - Head of Customer Experience, and Dean Price - Management Accountant, who both accomplished 6 years at Focus Group this July. What did they have to say about their time here? Read on to find out more……

    Tell me more

    What attracted you to join Focus Group?

    Andy Parker: I looked at their website and saw there was a recruitment drive due to expansion of the business. From what I read it seemed like a very exciting company to work for and a great opportunity. I spoke to Chris Goodman directly on the phone and was interviewed the following day and offered the job.

    Dean Price: It was the opportunity. When I joined it was a young company growing quite rapidly and I was going to take over the Finance Function. It was the right job at the right time. For my career aspirations and the company’s requirements, it was the perfect match.

    How has your job changed since you joined Focus all those years ago?

    Andy Parker: I started cold calling for a couple of days and after threatening to jump out of the window, I discussed a more customer focussed role.

    I moved into an Internal Account Manager role and did this by myself. This developed into an Internal Account Management (IAM) Team which I headed up. From there, I was asked to take on the ISO 9001 Quality Management Accreditation and became well positioned for receiving and taking care of high level customer issues. I have now moved away from the IAM Team and head up all things to do with delivering an exceptional customer experience.

    Dean Price: The main thing is the size of the company. There has been an enormous change is staff levels and is now 5 times larger than when I first started. There were less divisions back then, today Focus’ portfolio has gained a lot of momentum.

    What do you love about your current role and/or Focus Group?

    Andy Parker: I love the fact that when I started there was 40 employees and it has grown to around 300 through everyone’s hard work and commitment. I am now in a position where I can instigate real change by being involved in decisions and new projects to deliver the best customer experience.

    Dean Price: I love a challenge and there’s always one here. There’s new challenges, new companies, new divisions. It’s never quiet and you never get a moments peace! Which is great.

    If someone you know was thinking of applying here, what would you say to them?

    Andy Parker: Climb aboard and enjoy the ride!

    Dean Price: Definitely consider Focus. If you have the right work mentality and attitude you will do well and the company will reward you as such.

    What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen at Focus?

    Andy Parker: My colleague Wes trying and failing miserably to put his shoe on whilst having over indulged at one of our fantastic summer parties.

    Dean Price: My funniest thing was the summer Olympics with the Sumo competition. There was a game with James Bamber v Sam Conway – I was crying. It was the funniest ever!

    What is the worst thing you’ve seen at Focus Group?

    Andy Parker: Ben Godwin dancing at the Christmas party.

    Dean Price: Andy Parker dressed in drag to raise money for charity, it haunts me to this day. Very convincing…too convincing!

    What is your highlight at Focus?

    Andy Parker: My highlight was achieving the Accreditation for the ISO Quality Management Standard.

    Dean Price: There’s not one highlight. For me, it’s a collection of successes and achievements. I’ve seen this with my team and personally too. The Accounts team has easily tripled in size and I feel proud. Seeing development and the team doing so well is a big thing for me.

    Describe Focus Group in one word

    Andy Parker: Focussed!

    Dean Price: Dynamic!

  • Focus Group FC


    In an exciting match with Focus FC against Friday Ad, Focus fought hard to remain undefeated this year!

    It was a tough game from start to finish and with a score of 4-4 at half time, no one could predict which way it would go!

    Just 10 minutes before full time, both teams scored another goal, moving the score to 5-5!

    Perseverance led to Focus scoring a further two goals in the last ten minutes resulting in a 7-5 win.

    Well done team and a special mention to Curtis Gilburt, in IT, who was Man of the Match!

  • Focus Group Sussex Bath Race


    The Great Sussex Bath Race 2017

    On one of the hottest days of the year, it was a perfect day for The Great Sussex Bath Race. Team Focus and others teams in the community, showed courage and determination as the race took place on Sunday 18 June. The annual event, held in Chichester, raised over £10,000 for the Chestnut Tree House and Lifecentre, to support the outstanding work they do for children and adults in Sussex.

    Team Focus battled their way to the Grand Final, but came short of winning the title on the day. Looking forward to next year’s race…! Well done to all involved, a great day for great causes.

  • Focus Group FC


    Focus Group FC beat Ideal Networks 7-0 in an enthralling game at Lancing, the home of the County FA.

    They say football is a game of two halves but this one turned out to be a game of the first 10 minutes and then the remaining 70 (yes we only played 80 minutes as we are all too unfit to last 90)...

    Ideal networks started well exploiting the rustiness of the back 4, 3 of the back 4 thought they were playing up top.

    Ralph Gilbert who has made many a great managerial decision in the boardroom made his greatest ever choice and after ten minutes, in a bold move made 3 substitutions, this led to Focus FC getting a better grip on the game and we started playing football.

    Shortly afterwards Ralph scored our first goal and from there we looked the more dominant team. Jamie Connolly popped up with the 2nd and after some good play the BHAFC legend Kerry Mayo made it 3 nil. We entered the break feeling confident and definitely out of breath.

    The second half started well and before we knew it that man Mayo stepped up with his second a clinical finish with his left foot. At this point Man of the Match Jordan Keen was skinning more people than Bear Grylls has sheep. Jordan scored his first at 5-0 the opposition were still pushing on trying to score a consolation goal, from a well worked Corner Ben Milligan scored a volley that flew in the bottom corner (some say of his shin but he is denying this). Conor Wilkins crashed a free kick off the crossbar and this was followed by some good saves from their keeper. Jordan then added his second after a great run with a cute finish from a tight angle. With the clock running down James Baker was sent off for a rash challenge that left the winger in a crumpled heap on the floor.

    Overall a great game and a real crowd pleaser, we now aim to push on and find more challengers.

  • Chloe Gorbell Five Years at Focus Group


    Chloe Gorbell (left) Five Years at Focus Group

    As we celebrate Chloe’s 5 years of service at Focus Group, we took a moment to ask Chloe some questions about her time at Focus Group, her career progression and some of her greatest achievements.

    How has your job changed since you joined Focus all those years ago?

    My time at Focus has been great! I joined as an Internal Account Manager and after learning about the industry and Focus Group I am now a Senior Field Sales Manager. As the industry has evolved, I’ve been trained on new products and services allowing me to further my career and help others. I have also taken on a mentor role to some of my colleagues and I find this really rewarding.

    What attracted you to join Focus Group?

    Its great reputation. I have known about Focus Group since the beginning, a few of my friends worked here and I’d been watching the exciting journey Focus has been on and wanted to be a part of it.

    What do you love about your current role and/or Focus Group?

    Being a part of the Focus brand and having the ability to deliver excellent customer service. I love being part of an expanding company, it’s exciting. My role is varied and I really enjoy that aspect, sometimes I am in the office and other times I’m on the road meeting clients.

    If someone you know was thinking of applying here, what would you say to them?

    If you’re willing to work hard and want a varied role, then go for it!

    What is your highlight at Focus?

    There have been a lot and it’s difficult to pin it down to one so here’s a few… Going to Award Ceremonies, taking part in the office social functions (especially the Harlem Shake and Ice Bucket Challenge), having a baby and it not impacting my role and most of all being a valued member of staff.

  • Cameron Balfour’s Five Years at Focus Group


    Cameron Balfour’s Five Years at Focus Group

    As we celebrate Cameron Balfour’s five years of service at Focus Group, we took a moment to ask Cameron some questions about his time at Focus Group, his career progression and some of his greatest achievements.

    ined Focus all those years ago?

    I initially came to Focus as an apprentice for Focus IT, which involved supporting customers day to day IT needs as well as Focus’ internal IT requirements. After a year as an apprentice I was offered a full time position on the IT helpdesk which I continued to do until my skills had developed enough to join engineering team, my job now involves visiting customers both for support and installation of new IT equipment and software.

    What attracted you to join Focus Group?

    When I came for my first interview, I could see that it was a young and rapidly growing company with plenty of opportunities for career progression.

    What do you love about your current role?

    I am someone who likes variety which is plentiful in my current role, no two days are the same and I am constantly learning new things about new products and technologies.

    If someone you know was thinking of applying here, what would you say to them?

    I would say if you are looking for a role with plenty of opportunities to grow as a professional, develop new skills and work with highly motivated, friendly and supportive people then Focus is the place for you!

    What is your career highlight at Focus?

    If I had to name one thing I would probably say it was being offered a full time position at the end of my apprenticeship, for me that indicated the beginning of my career in the IT and telecommunications industry. That said, there have been countless highlight’s from the diversity of my role to the incredible people I’ve gotten to work with over the past 5 years!

  • Focus Group WINS the Sussex Beacon Corporate Relay


    Focus Group WINS the Sussex Beacon Corporate Relay

    Months of training in the lead up to the Sussex Beacon Corporate Relay has paid off with Focus Group winning 1st place! The event took place as part of the Brighton Half Marathon to raise money for the Sussex Beacon. The Sussex Beacon provides specialist care and support for people living with HIV, with their specialist care unit based in Brighton. It’s not too late to sponsor, if you’d like to donate to this worthy cause please visit Many thanks

  • Darren Gander’s Ten Years at Focus Group

    Darren Gander’s Ten Years at Focus Group


    As we celebrate Darren Gander’s ten years of service at Focus Group, we took a moment to ask Darren some questions about his time at Focus Group, his career progression and some of his greatest achievements.

    How has your job changed since you joined Focus all those years ago?

    I initially came to Focus to assist with the launch of Focus Mobile, which involved selling into our existing customer base as well as bringing on new clients. As the department evolved, I moved into a more technical support role whilst still managing and maintaining the long-standing relationships that we have built today.

    What attracted you to join Focus Group?

    Focus was a fresh young company that had a clear desire to succeed in business and having known both the Directors, Ralph Gilbert and Chris Goodman, for some time, I knew that it wouldn’t be long until I saw the company grow into what it is today.

    What do you love about your current role?

    It’s always pleasing to see customers who started with me 10 years ago, who are still with Focus today. I have built up strong relationships with them. I also enjoy the technical aspect of the job as it keeps my ageing brain in gear!

    If someone you know was thinking of applying here, what would you say to them?

    If you are willing to work hard and be rewarded for it then Focus could well be what you are looking for. There is lots of fun to be had and I have always found the company to be both supportive and generous.

    What is your career highlight at Focus?

    Seeing Focus Mobile develop into a very successful business within Focus Group has been great. I’d like to say a big thank you to Focus for the last ten years and here’s to the next ten!

  • 30.11.16

    Focus Group does the Mannequin Challenge!

    "For a fast growing company, standing still is never easy".

  • Focus on top!!

    Focus on top!!


    Our brave Kilimanjaro team, who carried out an incredible journey to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, completed their mission in the early hours of Sunday morning! The journey took the team 8 tough days of climbing, in extreme and gruelling conditions, to reach the top of the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. The Focus Team embarked on this adventure to raise money in support of ‘St Wilfrid’s Hospice’ and the ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’. Congratulations to all who took part, especially our very own Chris Goodman and Lee Aylward.

    Click here to sponsor Chris and Elaine

    Click here to sponsor Lee

  • Russell Clarke's 10 Years at Focus

    Russell Clarke's 10 Years at Focus


    One of Focus Group’s longest-serving employees, Russell Clarke, is celebrating his 10th year anniversary with the company since joining us in 2006! We took a moment to ask Russell some questions about his time here, his career progression and some of his greatest achievements.

    Read more

  • Pushing the boundaries for businesses

    Pushing the boundaries for businesses


    As official sponsors of the Boundary Rooms at the Sussex County Cricket Club, James Baker and Seb Birch of Focus Group attended the SCCC Press & Media Day with the SCCC 1st XI squad! Players and sponsors gathered and with the cricket season just around the corner, there was a vibrant atmosphere for the upcoming matches!

  • Focus Christmas Party

    Focus Group


    Focus Group get festive and celebrate a successful year at this year’s staff Christmas party. Owners Ralph Gilbert and Chris Goodman hosted the mask themed Christmas party for their staff to say thanks for their hard work and to kick-off the festive activities. The evening was held on Brighton seafront at the Brighton Music Hall with the main event taking place in three very festive teepee’s..

  • The China Challenge

    The Damon Bates Sweepstake


    We are very proud of Chris and Elaine Goodman for completing their incredible journey along the Great Wall of China. The whole group of volunteers managed to raise over £95,000 between them for the Chestnut Tree House. A big well done to all of you.

  • Chris and Elaine Goodman are on their four week countdown to the China Challenge on 10th – 18th October!

    China Challenge


    With just four weeks between them and their trek along the Great Wall of China, Chris and Elaine have been monstrously busy with raising money, training and creating awareness to support the Chestnut Tree House Hospice for Children – the only one in Sussex, also serving areas of Kent.

    Having raised a whopping £5,000, they need just another £600 to reach their target. The amazing donation of £5,600 in its entirety will go to the Chestnut Tree House, as Chris and Elaine are paying for their own places on the trip.

    Through blood, sweat, tears and laughter, Elaine and Chris have been hosting fundraising events and activities, including Car Boot Sales, Nearly New Sales, Pub Quizzes, Pony Rides and Fund Raising Parties. Additionally a member of staff at Focus donated his sponsorship from his 100 mile bike ride challenge to this cause.

    Please help Chris and Elaine achieve their target and make a donation here.

  • The Damon Bates Sweepstake

    The Damon Bates Sweepstake


    After finishing a marathon for the Chestnut Tree House earlier in the year, Damon Bates wanted to give himself a bigger challenge and an opportunity to raise even more money for this fantastic local charity. As Damon knows, Chris Goodman; Focus Group Director is preparing for his own challenge to help raise money for CTH. Chris will be hiking along The Great Wall of China with his wife Elaine and they have set themselves the task of raising £5,600. In order to help raise this mammoth amount Damon set himself the challenge of cycling 100 miles around North West Wales, through Snowdonia. This would be no ordinary bike ride, firstly he was riding 100 miles... completely solo, and not only that he would be climbing steep hills of 20% elevation!! We created a sweepstake so that people could guess what time he would finish and have the chance in winning some great prizes!

    Damon made the journey in an amazing 8hrs 23 minutes and had also managed to raise a whopping £255!!

  • The Great Sussex Bath Race

    The Great Sussex Bath Race


    For the 3rd year running, Focus Group has participated in the ever popular bath race held in Arundle.

    This commendable event raises money for the Chestnut Tree house and Life Centre, where both charities are based in Sussex.

    Not only did our Focus team, JP Peters, Steve Gingell, Damon Bates and Emily Adams, raise a whopping £2,000 – we’ve helped to increase awareness of the above charities, by demonstrating our expert raft building whilst dressed as minions! We were placed at 3rd, a few steps up the ladder of 6th place last year. Let’s see if we can beat our best place from 2013 when we came 2nd, when we compete at next year’s event.

  • Focus Group pay for Wednesday 20 May 2015

    Focus Group pay for Wednesday 20 May 2015


    The cost of all care services at Chestnut Tree House on Wednesday 20 May have been paid for by Focus Group.
    A day's care at Chestnut Tree House costs £6,850.
    Thank you so much to everyone at Focus Group from all of us at Chestnut Tree House for your continued support and generosity.

    Chris Goodman and Ralph Gilbert, Co-founders of Focus Group, are advocates of the Chestnut Tree House and are passionate about helping such an important and worthy cause.

  • Focus Group dress up to raise money for a great cause

    Focus Group dress up to raise money for a great cause


    Staff at Focus Group dressed up as their favourite Super Hero to raise money and awareness for Chris and Elaine Goodman’s China Challenge for the Chestnut Tree House.

    Chris and Elaine will join Chestnut Trees’ team of China Challengers and will explore the mysteries of the Great Wall. Please show your support for this great cause by making a donation –

    For more information about this event please visit:

  • Focus Group Sponsors Sussex County Cricket Club

    Focus Group Sponsors Sussex County Cricket Club


    Sussex County Cricket Club have announced that Focus Group are the new sponsors of the Boundary Rooms, following the confirmation of a three-year sponsorship deal.

    The Boundary Rooms, which are situated in the south-east corner of The County Ground, are a focal point for both matchday and non-matchday activity at the Club, and will now be known as The Focus Group Boundary Rooms.

  • Penny Farthing Club Goes for Round Two!

    Penny Farthing Club Goes for Round Two!


    A few months ago, Focus started up its very own Penny Farthing Club. After eccentrically taking to the Brighton promenade, they recently headed over to Steyning Leisure Centre for some more training on the vintage bicycles.

  • Halloween in the Focus Office

    Halloween in the Focus Office


    Driving to work dressed as a serial killer isn’t the most usual start to a Friday, but since it’s Halloween a few dark enthusiasts provided some office entertainment for the day.

  • Focus 10 Year Party


    Focus 10 Year Party 1

    Focus Group are is in their 10th year of business, and what better way to celebrate a birthday than throw a party?

    On the 10th October (10th of the 10th of course) the Focus staff and suppliers were invited to a party held at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. There was a champagne reception, followed by a live band! There was also a photo booth, casino tables and of course plenty of alcohol.

    Ralph, one of the co-owners commented - ‘the company wouldn’t be where it was today if it wasn’t for the strong team of employees we have at Focus, as well as celebrating 10 years of the Group, we also wanted to thank our staff.’

  • Focus Take Part In Charity Gamma Ball Rally


    Focus Take Part In Charity Gamma Ball Rally

    Focus took part in the Gamma Ball Rally at the weekend- organised by one of our major suppliers. The event raised over £95,000 for two chosen charities which split is 50/50- ATE Ghana, which helps children get access to education and Honeypot, a charity helping vulnerable children and young carers.

    Focus entered 2 teams – 'Jaguar Skills' and 'The Mavericks', who had to make their way to Dublin in a car of their choice - costing no more than £500. The 30 teams taking part did challenges along the way including go karting and track racing, and ended the trip with a black tie dinner and auction.

    Sarah Gardner for ATE said 'we are a very young charity, only starting up 18 months ago, so to receive such a huge donation will make a wonderful difference to the work we do in Ghana'.

    Ralph Gilbert from Focus Group said 'it was a brilliant few days, we hope more and more people will become involved each year to help raise money for what are great causes'.

  • A Hole in One for Focus


    A Hole in One for Focus

    The annual Chestnut Tree House Golf Day fundraiser took place last week at the East Sussex National Golf Course. Focus entered 3 players into the day - Luke Hunt, Director of our Network Services division and Chris & Ralph, company owners.

    The day kicked off with breakfast followed by a 18 holes of golf, an evening of entertainment and a charity auction, but the real highlight of the day was when Chris Goodman got a hole in one on the 8th hole, which had a par of 3. Ecstatic doesn't quite cut it as a description for how Chris reacted when he realised he had hit a hole in one!

    Fundraiser Hannah from Chestnut Tree House said "It created quite a buzz around the dinner tables that evening". All in all a great day and most importantly, over £11,000 was raised for Chestnut Tree House, the only children's hospice in Sussex, which cares for over 300 children and young adults from 0-19 years of age with progressive life-shortening conditions from East and West Sussex, Brighton & Hove City, Portsmouth City and South East Hampshire.

  • Focus Summer Party!


    On Saturday, Chris Goodman kindly hosted the annual Focus Summer Party.

    Every year Focus Group thank their staff by hosting a summer garden party at the bosses house.

    Thankfully the rain held off for the entire day in Upper Beeding, so everyone could enjoy the festivities which included inflatables, archery, live music, a hectic game of rounders a BBQ and plenty of drinks were consumed from the bar.

    Safe to say there was plenty of sore heads evident whilst cleaning up the mess the next day!

  • Focus Energy Sponsor the One Day Cricket Cup Match – Sussex V Durham


    Focus Energy Sponsor the One Day Cricket Cup Match – Sussex V Durham

    We recently offered customers the chance to win full hospitality tickets to the Sussex V Durham match at the Sussex County Cricket Ground.

    Our four lucky winners met us down at the SCCC for a full day of food, drink and some brilliant cricket – the match ended with Sussex batting their way to an unexpected victory.

    Whilst we were there, we had over 150 entries into two different competitions – one to win a signed cricket bat and the other to win a year's supply of free electricity. Howzat!

  • Focus 'Have a Heart'


    Focus 'Have a Heart'

    Focus Group entered two football teams into the 'Sussex Have a Heart' charity football tournament. There was a total of ten teams, and after a tiring morning, it came down to our Focus A-Team and B-Team in the playoff for 3rd place.

    It came down to penalties and our A-Team took the win! The tournament raised a total of £850.00.

  • Focus sponsor Brighton v Blackburn match at The Amex!


    Focus sponsor Brighton v Blackburn match at The Amex!

    Focus Group sponsored Brighton & Hove Albions football match at the Amex on Saturday. The Albion played Blackburn Rovers and finished with a 3-0 victory! This being their first home win since mid-September, we like to think that our sponsorship, gave them a splash of luck!

    A full day of hospitality was well underway by the afternoon for Chris, Ralph and 10 other members of Focus at the 1901 Club's Platinum Bupa Lounge, including a 'behind the scenes' dressing room tour, a champagne reception and a three course meal.

    With sweepstakes running through the team, there was plenty of celebrating when Barnes scored a penalty in the first half! Caskey scored shortly into the second half with a header in the 56th minute, followed by a close-range goal from Barnes to secure a confident win.

    It was decided that since Ashley Barnes had scored his first league goal of the season and also scored his 50th goal for the team, as well as leading Brighton to a win, we were privileged to award him with Man of the Match.

    A great day was had by all! "Seagulls!"

    Focus sponsor Brighton v Blackburn match at The Amex!

    Focus sponsor Brighton v Blackburn match at The Amex!

  • A Fright for Focus in aid of The Martlets Hospice


    Team on stairs

    Over the weekend 16 brave members of staff spent the evening, which stretched well into the early hours, at the notoriously haunted Old Brighton Cells housed in the eerie basement of Brighton's town hall, and if an abandoned Victorian prison isn't scary enough for you, Brighton's first Chief Inspector Henry Solomon, was murdered here in 1844 by one of the inmates!

    The team immersed themselves into the centre of the city's most dramatic ghost story, which granted them an access all areas pass to the darkest recesses of the jail, not normally open to the public.

    In order to raise as much money as possible for the cause, the team took with them a fully equipped 'Paranormal Intelligence Gathering Service' (The PIGS) and a 'Medium' in an attempt to catch some spooky evidence! We managed to raise over £2,000 for the local charity, and so far more have more than doubled our original target of £1,000! Thank you to all who donated, there were some definite suspicious goings on in the ghostly lock up.

    The Martlets Hospice cares for over one thousand people living in and around Brighton & Hove, every year, it plays a vital role in helping people to live life as fully as they can right up until the end, and also provides help and support for the families affected.

    Spooky doorway

    Team in the dark


  • It's a Knockout at the Sussex County Cricket Club!


    It's a Knockout at the Sussex County Cricket Club!

    Earlier this week it was The Annual End of Season Players Party at the Sussex County Cricket Club.

    Members of the Players Club and the players themselves get together every year to celebrate the end of the cricket season in style, and this year our Director Chris Goodman took part in the 'It's a Knockout' style occasion. Blending together a combination of penguins, a bouncy castle, foam (a LOT of foam!) and a 'Milk the Cow' challenge - a great day was had by all. The festivities went on well into the evening at the 'Players Club Awards Dinner' where Chris's competitive streak made a final appearance for the day - karaoke, so with true Focus flair he gave a great rendition of Mack the Knife and came in at number one!

  • Newbury to Budapest Charity Rally


    Gamma Ball

    Earlier this month the Focus Team took on another fundraising challenge – The Gamma Ball Rally. The principle of the rally was to drive a cheap (but in our case classy!) car across Europe from Newbury to Budapest, visiting some infamous racing circuits on the way.

    After a few practice runs around Brands Hatch, Directors Chris and Ralph, Russell from Telecoms and Daryl from Gamma set off in “Valerie the Vectra” (a pimped out 2.5 litre Vauxhall Vectra GSI) and after two days of driving dressed as Abba, the drama of a 180 spin on a very wet Nurburgring (which they swiftly recovered from), and plenty of wining and dining, they finally made it to Budapest in one piece, finishing in 2nd place.

    A fantastic £43,000 was donated to charities East Cheshire Hospice and Action Through Enterprise.

  • Bath time for Focus Team


    Bath time for Focus Team

    A courageous crew of 4 took part in the inaugural Great Sussex Bath Race on Sunday. Chris Goodman, Ralph Gilbert, Seb Birch & Vicki Rishbeth made up the Focus team, and competed against 13 other crews including Virgin, BA, Natwest, Bentley & John Lewis. Teams were required to build their own rafts from a bath, wooden poles, barrels and rope. After numerous hotly contested heats, Focus Group qualified for the Grand Final in which 6 teams went head-to-head for the coveted prize. In a very tactical race, cheered on by raucous onlookers, the Focus crew came home in a very respectable 2nd place. The team are already discussing raft improvements for next year's event. The event has raised over £13,000 for Chestnut Tree House and LifeCentre. Check out this link for the coverage on ITV news.

  • Focus Team Take On The 3 Peaks Challenge


    Focus Team Take On The 3 Peaks Challenge

    On 28th June, 11 of our staff will be undertaking the Three Peaks Challenge in an effort to raise money for their chosen charities. The challenge is to climb, and travel between, the tallest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales, within 24 hours. They have been training hard and no doubt their determination will make this adventure a successful and fulfilling experience for everyone involved. See our dedicated website for more info, blogs and an opportunity to donate -

Focus Group Focus Telecom
Chestnut Tree House Charity

We actively demonstrate our commitment through taking part and hosting fundraising events and activities, and with gifts in kind.

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